About me

Hello! I am Hoang Bui.

Yes, I am the founder of EzKey Triple S with the very first name was EzKeys.Store and I am the one-man-show behind EzKey. I worked as a full-time office staff before I started EzKeys.Store. I am also a ahobbyist and tinkering person, I have a lot of experiences with crafting things with my hands. I have done stone carving, woodworking, computer modding, bike modding, resin casting, and just about anything else which I can use my hands.



I got into resin casting in Jan of 2017 after quitting my boring office stuffs, and never regrets of the decision. I had my first sale in March of 2021 and now I am working on expanding my personal projects into something bigger, with the hopes of being able to support myself doing something I love.

Thanks for stopping by, and I look forward to you joining me on my journey!